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Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (AADC-2) | Resensi Film-Bhayu MH

Resensi Film-Bhayu MH

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (AADC-2)

Year : 2016 Director : Riri Riza Running Time : 124 minutes Genre : , , , ,
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Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) is now the owner of a mini pop art cafe in Jakarta. She and her high school gang comforting Karmen (Adinia Wirasti), who is recovering from drug addiction. Milly (Sissy Priscillia) is married to the gang’s formerly geek high school mate Mamet (Dennis Adhiswara) and is currently pregnant with their first child, while Maura (Titi Kamal) is married to Chris (Christian Sugiono) with 4 kids. Cinta announces that the ladies will go on a vacation to Jogjakarta and that she is engaged to her boyfriend Trian (Ario Bayu). Meanwhile, in New York City, Rangga (Nicholas Saputra) is the co-owner of a coffee shop when his step-sister, Sukma (Dimi Cindyastira), pays a visit to ask him to visit his estranged mother in Jogjakarta, but he refuses. He ultimately has a change of heart and decided to go there after his co-owner and friend Roberto (Chase Kuertz) convinced him that he should go back to Indonesia to tie up his loose ends.

Before the ladies go, they visit Alya’s (Ladya Cheryl) grave, which is explained later in the film that she died in an accident in 2010. Rangga arrives in Jakarta to find that Cinta is no longer living in her old house, so he continues on to Jogja. In Jogja, while vacationing, Karmen and Milly sees Rangga on the road, and they tell Cinta about it. Cinta doesn’t want to see him at first, but after an argument with Karmen, she decides to do so. It is revealed that they broke up in 2006. Cinta expresses her resentment towards him for gratuitously ending their relationship and that she only agreed to meet him because of her friends. Rangga explains that he broke up with her because of his academic and vocational struggles, and he thought that he couldn’t make Cinta happy. However, they decide to end things in friendly terms. Cinta ended up spending the whole day with Rangga, forgetting her vacation schedule with her friends. Before parting ways, Cinta kisses Rangga, to the shock of both former lovers. Cinta then returns to Jakarta and Rangga pays his mother a visit.

Cinta can’t get Rangga out of her head and before returning to New York, Rangga stop by in Jakarta and goes to Cinta’s place. He admits that he want them to be more than friends again but she replied that the kiss meant nothing, leaving him furious. And so, Rangga left the cafe as Trian arrives on the cafe. Trian, noticing Cinta’s changing behavior after the Jogja trip and seeing Rangga himself, confronts Cinta about Rangga, resulting in the end of the engagement. Rangga flies back to New York while Cinta has a near death experience on the freeway, but walked away with no injuries.

A month later, Rangga and Roberto gives their employee Donna (Lei-Lei Bavoil) a raise, and in gratitude she hugs him. At the same time, Cinta enters his cafe and then run away. Rangga explains the situation and Cinta laugh. They express their love for each other, and share a passionate kiss in the snowy Central Park, united at last. Before the credits, Rangga and Cinta seemingly holding their baby, until Mamet came and ask him for his and Milly’s baby back.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Apa_Dengan_Cinta%3F_2

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