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Interstellar | Resensi Film-Bhayu MH

Resensi Film-Bhayu MH


Year : 2014 Director : Christopher Nolan Running Time : 169 minutes Genre : , , , , , , , ,
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Sometime in the 21st century, a series of crop blights on Earth threatens humanity’s survival. Joseph Cooper, a widowed former NASA pilot, runs a farm with his father-in-law, son Tom, and daughter Murphy. Living in a post-truth society (Cooper is reprimanded at school for telling Murphy that the Apollo missions did indeed happen), Cooper encourages Murphy to carefully observe and record what she sees.

Cooper realizes that a dust pattern on the floor is created by gravity variations and not, as Murphy first believed, by a poltergeist. Cooper and Murphy are able to decode it as a set of geographic coordinates. Following them, they drive to a secret facility where Cooper’s former professor, Dr. Brand, continues to operate NASA in secrecy. Brand reveals that a wormhole near Saturn opens a pathway to a distant galaxy with potentially habitable planets. Twelve volunteers travelled through it, each assessing a planet’s suitability as humanity’s new home. Volunteers Miller, Edmunds and Mann have sent back encouraging data from planets near a black hole called Gargantua. Brand recruits Cooper to pilot the spaceship Endurance, carrying 5,000 frozen embryos for a “Plan B”: to colonize a habitable planet to ensure humanity’s survival. The only option for the majority of mankind to survive is his continued work on a “Plan A” – a gravitational theory for propulsion that would allow a mass exodus from Earth. Cooper agrees to go, upsetting Murphy who feels abandoned.

Cooper’s crew consists of scientists Romilly, Doyle, Brand’s daughter Amelia, and robots TARS and CASE. The crew traverses the wormhole and sets out to investigate Miller’s planet, where time is severely dilated (one hour equals seven years on Earth). Landing in shallow water, they discover that Miller is dead. Just as Amelia retrieves Miller’s data, they encounter a giant tidal wave travelling across the planet’s surface, killing Doyle and delaying their escape. After returning to Endurance, they determine that 23 years have elapsed in ‘normal’ time.

On Earth, Murphy is now a scientist and has been assisting Dr. Brand with his research. On his deathbed, Brand admits to Murphy that he never considered Plan A feasible and that he always considered Plan B as the only plan. Murphy, believing the equations can be solved, continues working on a solution to Plan A, knowing she needs more data on gravitational singularities.

Having spent more fuel than planned while orbiting Miller’s planet, the Endurance crew can no longer visit all 3 planets and still return home. The decision is made to visit Mann’s planet over Edmunds’ as the next stop, since Mann is still transmitting. On arrival, Mann assures the crew that the frozen planet is habitable despite its ammonia-laden atmosphere. However, he soon attempts to kill Cooper, revealing that he falsified data in the hope of being rescued. Mann attempts to escape to the orbiting Endurance in a Ranger while Romilly is killed by an explosive booby trap set by Mann. Amelia rescues Cooper and they race to the Endurance in a Lander. Mann attempts a manual docking operation and is killed in the attempt, also damaging the Endurance in the process. Cooper uses the Lander to dock and stabilize the Endurance.

CASE warns Cooper that the Endurance is slipping toward Gargantua’s pull. Cooper decides to use Gargantua as a gravitational slingshot to propel the ship toward Edmunds’ planet as a last effort to fulfil “Plan B”. In order to shed weight during the maneuver, Cooper and TARS jettison parts of Endurance toward the black hole, seemingly sacrificing themselves as well. Slipping past the event horizon, Cooper and TARS find themselves inside a tesseract, which resembles a stream of bookshelves capable of peering into Murphy’s bedroom at different periods in her life. Cooper surmises that the tesseract and wormhole were created to enable communication with Murphy and discovers by sending her messages that he was her “gravity ghost” all along. Using the second-hand on a watch he gave her before he left, Cooper relays the quantum data Murphy needs to solve the gravitational equation.

Following a turbulent ejection from the tesseract, Cooper awakens in a space habitat orbiting Saturn. Cooper reunites with an elderly Murphy, who is nearing death. At Murphy’s behest, Cooper and TARS leave to rejoin Amelia on Edmunds’ habitable planet, where she is preparing a new human colony.

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