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Resensi Film-Bhayu MH


Year : 2015 Director : Chris Columbus Running Time : 106 minutes Genre : , , , ,
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In 1982, 13-year-old friends Sam Brenner and Will Cooper visit the local video game arcade, where Brenner discovers he can master the games there with little prior knowledge. Participating in the video game championships, he loses to obnoxious arcade player Eddie Plant in Donkey Kong. A videocassette with footage of the event is included in a time capsule that is launched into space.

In the present, Brenner has become an installer of home-theater systems while Cooper is the President of the United States. In Guam, a U.S. military base is attacked by UFOs that turn pieces of the base into small glowing cubes; one of the soldiers is abducted. Brenner, working at the home of recent divorcée Violet Van Patten and her son Matty, is summoned to the White House. To his surprise, he finds Violet is headed to the same place and that she is a lieutenant colonel. Viewing the video footage, Brenner says it was carried out like in the old video game Galaga but is laughed out of the room. Later, Ludlow “The Wonder Kid” Lamansoff, a friend he made at the video game tournament, takes Brenner to his home and shares his conspiracy theories; they determine that the aliens are attacking with creatures based on classic video-game designs, since the aliens found the videocassette images to be a declaration of war. This is affirmed when the aliens interrupt a television broadcast with images of celebrities from the 1980s and challenge Earth to assemble their mightiest warriors to fight; if the aliens win three rounds, they will conquer the Earth. Though they and Cooper determine that the next attack will happen in India, they are too late to stop it as Arkanoid paddles sling balls of light to destroy the Taj Mahal, and another person is abducted.

Brenner and Ludlow train Navy SEAL soldiers to play the old games. Violet shows Brenner and Ludlow that the cubes can be destroyed by strong light beams, and has the military develop light cannons. The next attack is in London in the form of the video game Centipede. As the soldiers are unable to beat them, Brenner and Ludlow step in and shoot down the centipedes. Following the victory, the aliens send a congratulatory message and a “trophy” in the form of the dog from Duck Hunt.

Ludlow and Cooper retrieve Eddie, who is serving a prison sentence for fraud. Cooper agrees to pardon Eddie (and set up a meeting between the latter and Serena Williams) in exchange for his help. In New York City, the team discovers it must face the title character from Pac-Man and in order to succeed, they must defeat him three times, as if a player loses the game. Violet presents them with four Mini Cooper cars based on the Pac-Man ghosts, to be driven by Brenner, Ludlow, Eddie and a fourth driver who happens to be the game’s creator, Toru Iwatani. However, when Iwatani tries to appeal to Pac-Man as a son, he gets his hand bitten off and runs away. Eddie defeats Pac-Man twice but accidentally drives into the East River. Brenner eventually achieves the third defeat, and the team gets Q*Bert as a trophy. The team celebrates but the aliens send a message saying someone cheated and the contest for the planet has been forfeited. Matty discovers Eddie used a speed cheat. Eddie flees, but Matty is abducted by the aliens.

The aliens launch a massive attack using characters from all sorts of classic video games on Washington, D.C. Cooper joins the team, while Ludlow stays to fight. An alien takes the form of Lady Lisa, a character on whom Ludlow has had a crush since childhood. Ludlow persuades Lady Lisa to choose love, and she sides with the humans; Eddie, wishing to make amends, returns to fight as well. Brenner, Violet, Cooper and Q*Bert are summoned to the mother ship where they face Donkey Kong on the game’s starting level with the aliens’ captives at the top. As the group dodges barrels and fireballs, Brenner eventually throws his hammer to defeat Donkey Kong. The aliens’ characters then self-destruct.

The team is hailed as heroes and a peace agreement is reached with the aliens. Although Ludlow is saddened that Lady Lisa is gone, Q*Bert transforms its likeness to Lady Lisa. Brenner and Violet become a couple, while Eddie gets to meet Serena Williams again, along with Martha Stewart. Meanwhile, Iwatani’s hand is restored. A year later, Lady Lisa and Ludlow are married and have Q-Bert children.

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