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Real Steel | Resensi Film-Bhayu MH

Resensi Film-Bhayu MH

Real Steel

Year : 2011 Director : Shawn Levy Running Time : 127 minutes Genre : , , , , , ,
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In 2020, human boxers are replaced by robots. Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), a former boxer, owns “Ambush”, but loses it in a fight against a bull belonging to promoter and carnival owner Ricky (Kevin Durand), who rigged the fight as he sees Charlie’s mere existence as a joke, partially because he beat up Charlie the last time they competed for bailing on the bet. Having made a bet that Ambush would win, Charlie now has a debt to Ricky—which he runs out on.

After the fight, Charlie learns that his ex-girlfriend died and he must attend a hearing deciding the future of their son, Max (Dakota Goyo) to which Charlie has almost zero contact with since he was born. There, Max’s aunt, Debra (Hope Davis), and her wealthy husband, Marvin (James Rebhorn), request full custody, which Charlie concedes for $100,000, half in advance, on the condition that Charlie retains Max for three months while they are on vacation and the other half when they return. Thereupon, Charlie, Max, and Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly), the daughter of Charlie’s former boxing coach, acquire the once-famous “Noisy Boy”, but it is destroyed in a subsequent fight against “Midas”. Attempting to scavenge parts to make a new robot from a junkyard, Max discovers “Atom”, an obsolete but intact sparring robot designed to withstand severe damage, and is capable of mirroring opponent and handler movements and storing them in its memory due to its rare “shadow function” mode.

At Max’s behest, Charlie pits Atom against “Metro”, whom Atom overcomes. Max programs Noisy Boy’s vocal-respond controls in Atom, and convinces Charlie to help him with Atom’s fighting move memory, resulting in a series of victories and culminating to being offered a fight in World Robot Boxing against national champion “Twin Cities”. The fight starts with Atom on the attack, but Twin Cities easily takes the offensive and corners Atom. Their opponent having no blind spot, Charlie notices a hitch whenever Twin Cities throws a right punch. Using this, Charlie is able to get Atom out of the corner and eventually winning by knockout. Elated by their success, Max challenges global champion “Zeus”, with the audience squarely on their side. After the fight, Ricky and his two henchmen attack Charlie for bailing earlier and rob him of their winnings, which prompts Charlie to return Max to Debra.

This upsets Max, and when Charlie tries to convince him that living without him is better for Max, Max says he always wanted Charlie to fight for him and be there as a father. After Max leaves, Charlie returns to Tallet’s Gym. While talking with Bailey about the events, the two kiss, revealing their attraction to each other. Persuaded by Bailey, Charlie arranges the challenge offered by Max and convinces Debra to allow Max to witness the fight.

Zeus starts the fight by knocking Atom down with its first punch, but Atom gets up, and Zeus continues its assault, knocking Atom down multiple times, but each time Atom gets back up. Late in the first round when Atom is cornered, Charlie is able to get Atom to land his first punch, a right uppercut. Atom survives the first round, stunning the audience. Ricky, who had made a bet with a friend of Charlie’s of $100,000 that Atom would not last the first round, tries to slip away, but is cornered by the fight’s bookmarkers. The two opponents go back and forth through the fight, Atom landing multiple punches but also getting knocked down many times, getting back up for each of them. Late in the fourth round, Atom’s vocal-respond controls are damaged, forcing Charlie to use its “shadow function” to make it mimic his boxing skills. Zeus’s programmers are unable to compensate, forcing the designer to take control like Charlie has. Zeus is given a sound beating, once even hitting the ground and barely avoiding losing by knockout, but wins the match by number of hits since Atom couldn’t beat it within the limit of five rounds. Zeus remains “undefeated”, but with the shame that it only avoided the loss by a technicality, and Atom is labelled the “People’s Champion”.

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